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New 1600 Ton Press

Guelph Manufacturing Group added a second, new, 1600 ton large bed press to the Lewis Rd. plant. This expansion will allow Guelph Manufacturing to offer larger parts, more complex parts, and to improve production efficiencies to become more competitive and [...]

Guelph Manufacturing Receives Government Grant

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, aided by the Ontario government, is investing in new equipment and growth opportunities with Guelph Manufacturing Group. Specializing in welding, metal stamping, and tube and wire forming for automotive seating components, the partnership will create [...]

Let Us Now Reintroduce…

  Corporate Rebranding - Sales Perspective   Guelph Tool recently celebrated the Company’s 50th anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider statistics that say the average business life span is only approximately 3 to 4 years. During the [...]


UPGRADING THE CAFÉ WITH IMPROVED OPTIONS In the past, Guelph Tool Inc. had tried many different companies with expanded ideas on vending services, but all seemed to lead to disappointment: poor quality, limited healthy options, poorly serviced equipment and often [...]

Ride Big, Live Big

A Guelph Tool team called “GTI Hearts & Soles” did just that –it rode big – on ‘the Big Bike’ – on June 10, 2015 – thanks to the enthusiastic participation of a group of fun-fueled GTI employees.  What is [...]

A Celebration of 50 Years in Business

25 YEARS CAPTION : Front – L to R: Chau Tu Ly, Le Ha Ly, Rosanne Bates, Jing Jin Lyn, Vieng Frichitthavong, Khith Manotham, Stacey Schaefer, Cheryl Ann Kurtz, Jacki Slotboom, Tin Le Ly, Mariola Rzeznik, Alina Rzeznik, Jerzy Rzeznik, [...]


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