New 1600 Ton Press

Guelph Manufacturing Group added a second, new, 1600 ton large bed press to the Lewis Rd. plant. This expansion will allow Guelph Manufacturing to offer larger parts, more complex parts, and to improve production efficiencies to become more competitive and to better meet client needs. Some of the key features about the new 1600 ton press are:

  • A double rolling bolster which allows for the next tool to be pre-staged to a lower changeover time.
  • Automatic slide locks that replace manually installed ram blocks which increase safety and limits downtime due to manual install and removal when working on the tool in the press.
  • A Linear transfer which is the latest in transfer technology.
  • A magnetic tail out feeder removing the need for manual intervention at the end of coils.
  • Automatic retainers that aid in coil centering.
  • An OD sensor that adjusts break speed which limits the need for operator intervention as run progresses allowing the operator to be more efficient.


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