Wire Seat Frame Assembly

Delivering Results

Automotive seatĀ foaming suppliers depend on us for our automotive wire seat frame assemblies, which include:

  • Wire forming (automated and CNC) seat cushions
  • Automated, robotic, resistance, and MIG welded seat bolster assemblies
  • Integrated metal stamping brackets
  • Automated assembly of high volume seat cushions
  • Flexible robotic weld cells for rear seat cushions
  • Fast design and production support for seat border and seat holster assemblies

For more information about our automotive wire seat frame assemblies, please contact Guelph Manufacturing Group.



Guelph Manufacturing Delivers

Guelph Manufacturing Group solutions are process-driven and fully customizable to meet your industry needs. Our ability to work to tight deadlines, exacting specifications and realistic budgets has set us apart in the automotive industry. Drawing on our experience and our flexible development techniques, Guelph Manufacturing Group can bring this service to your sector. No matter what industry you are working in, we become an extension of your team, delivering quality results you can rely on.

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