Head Restraint

An Innovative Approach

Our automotive head restraints range from:

  • Rod and tube formed automotive┬áhead restraint armatures
  • Automated and CNC formed head restraint stays
  • Robotically welded head restraints
  • Two way and four way adjustable head restraints
  • Guelph has three manufacturing solutions to serve the low, medium, and high volume applicants which include manual production, flex line, and dedicated lines
  • Our head restraint armatures include both thin wall tube and solid rod
  • Notching technology for head restraints range from a broached notch to a stamped on formed notch
  • We have several plating solutions for head restraint stays which include zinc, chrome, and double nickel chrome

For more information about our automotive head restraint assemblies, please contact Guelph Manufacturing Group



Guelph Manufacturing Delivers

Guelph Manufacturing Group solutions are process-driven and fully customizable to meet your industry needs. Our ability to work to tight deadlines, exacting specifications and realistic budgets has set us apart in the automotive industry. Drawing on our experience and our flexible development techniques, Guelph Manufacturing Group can bring this service to your sector. No matter what industry you are working in, we become an extension of your team, delivering quality results you can rely on.

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